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Diamatic® has led the industry with pioneering advancements, developing high-performance tooling and concrete treatments for the floor polishing industry used within the commercial and industrial market sectors.  Diamatic® with its years of industry standards, over 100 years of combined industry knowledge and dedicated team at hand, has created a systematic approach to concrete polishing that has and will continue changing the way concrete is designed, placed & finished, cured, polished and maintained.

Providing greater accountability, ULTRAFLOR®  and Silex System® utilizes a scientific approach in our polishing process that produces fully refined floors to their maximum potential while creating repeatable and quantifiable results. By taking this approach we are able to provide a way to describe the exact means and methods to produce the floors the architects or owners ask for in the first place while also providing exact specifications that are consistent and are always a cut above industry standards.

We offer training, in-depth quality training and certification classes for installers to become a Certified Floor Installer.  We are dedicated to providing the tools installers need to utilize and understand the benefits of polished concrete, specifications, best practices on how to build a solid foundation and to provide them with high standards of professional industry knowledge and skills.

Whether you choose the ULTRAFLOR® System or Silex® System we are fully committed to innovation, growth, and a complete system approach.  Our goal is to become the most trusted and utilized concrete polishing system providing the hardest densified, quantifiable and repeatable floors in the industry.

"It’s not just about improving the processes and products we make, it’s about how we invent better ones!"

The Tale of Two Systems and Why Both Matter

The ULTRAFLOR® & SILEX® Polished Concrete Systems are high performance polished concrete systems designed to perform in todays challenging marketplace.  The ULTRAFLOR® & SILEX® Systems have been engineered, tested and proven to perform over the last 10 plus years, with millions of square feet in place. Both systems require certification to buy and perform work, with training and support by Diamatic® USA.

The ULTRAFLOR® System was developed as a dry process polishing system with the key chemistry in Lithium crystalline silicate technology. Designed for near surface reactions that increase surface wear and abrasion resistance. The entire system has been designed as a turn key system that include all equipment, tooling and materials required to perform high level polished concrete flooring.

The SILEX® Concrete System is a high performance polished concrete system designed for wet polishing.  Utilizing colloidal silica technology to penetrate deeply into wet substrates creating sub-surface reactions that increase the performance and lifecycle of any concrete.  Combined with the DIAMATIC VELOX® Power Trowel this unique system can produce high quality results at amazing production rates, allowing the contractor to turn over large spaces at high production rates to meet the ever-increasing demand for fast turnover retail projects.  

Both systems are specifiable and repeatable meeting the needs of the most discriminating owners and retail brands.  Training and specifications for both systems are provided by DIAMATIC® USA.