Scraper Accessories & Parts


Scraper blades are used for:

  • Concrete cleaning, thin coating, removal and glue removal

  • Removal of VCT or ceramic tiles

  • Removal of carpet or wood flooring

  • Removal of mastics or heavy adhesives

 Tile Blades with Bevel

P000859 6" Tile Blade with Bevel     
P000854  8" Tile Blade with Bevel     
P000886  10" Tile Blade with Bevel     
P000855   12" Tile Blade with Bevel     

Carpet Slitting & Removal Blades

P000553 8" Carpet Cutting and Removal Blade    
P000554 10" Carpet Cutting and Removal Blade    
P000555 12" Carpet Cutting and Removal Blade    


Premium Chisels for BMS-220 ADB

E09540 2” Premium Chisel Blade
E09542 6” Premium Chisel Blade
E09550 2” Heavy Duty Chisel Blade
E09542 6” Heavy Duty Chisel Blade
E09664 Tool Holder for Chisel Blades (required)