Tooling & Accessories

Diamatic Tooling & Accessories

Diamatic USA offers a complete line of high quality diamond tools and accessories for the polished concrete market. Our tools are designed and engineered for optimum diamond efficiency under Diamatic grinders and polishing machines

In our catalogue, you will find options for any slab or stone work that may require special tooling. Whether it be extra soft, soft, medium, hard or extra hard, wet or dry, there is an appropriate choice in the offering for you. At Diamatic® we thank you for your consideration and patronage.  We are 100% confident you will find our diamond tooling to be cutting edge, competitive and productive.

We have two distinct architectural polished concrete systems that give you the confidence of not only the best quality, but repeatable processes in wet or dry concrete polishing. Together with our machines and our two systems and you will see a step-by-step process to produce a polished floor. While you are there, you can download one of our specifications specially created to meet your customers needs or go online to sign up and get trained today!


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