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Silica Stacking

Silex® System of floor treatments are formulated utilizing reactive colloidal nano-silica chemistry, the smallest size possible, resulting in deeper penetration into the substrate that continues densifying over time therefore creating harder, longer lasting, and lower maintenance floor.

What is Silica Stacking®A chemical reaction that occurs when reactive Nano-colloidal silica penetrates into the concrete's surface where it immediately begins reacting and bonding with the natural occurring silica already present in the substrate.

Due to the colloidal silica's high reactivity and self-bonding compounds it is continuously 'stacking' platforms upon itself forming new cementitious compounds within the micropores and capillaries.  Utilizing SILEX® Silica Stacking® technologies will continue to densify the concretes substrate over time producing a substantially denser and harder surface with increased abrasion resistance and less permeability of liquids.

 November 2017-

Silex Product Picture

Diamatic® is pleased to announce the Acquisition of Silex™ Custom Concrete Solutions based in Oklahoma  City, OK. Silex™ specialty wet polishing Colloidal Silicate chemistry and patent pending true planetary trowel polishing equipmentrepresent a unique and effective solution for new construction concrete polishing.  "With the rapid growth of new construction and advancement of concrete mix designs, we feel Silex ™ can offer a highly productive, high quality solution for our customer base." stated Stephen Klugherz, President of Diamatic®. “Silex™ Velox™ Trowel is by far the most advanced and only true gear driven trowel available in the market today!” stated Tommy Clay, President of Silex™. “The combination of Diamatic's® engineering capabilities and global reach make this partnership a natural fit to take our designs and patents to the next level."  Diamatic will introduced a full line of trowels at WOC 2018 along with a transport system. 

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  • Compliant with all US VOC regulations including US EPA, OTC, LADCO, SCAQMD & CARB
  • LBC Red List Complian
  • Contributes to LEED v4 Credits

Silex® System Training

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