Diamatic Management Services

Diamatic Management Services

Diamatic Management Services was born in 2007 after identifying the need to pull together a highly fractured market. Built around the highest quality equipment, products and professional installers, we lead in all technology categories and manufacture everything excluding chemical floor treatments. With a combined 225 years of experience in the concrete industry, polishing and project installations we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any project.

Our expert network of dedicated and highly trained installers are annually vetted and supported with a warranty, technical support and mandatory continued training. Our network includes over 70 top-level installers with more than 800 machines in the network. We are the only manufacturer-backed management service in the country. We hold each installer accountable to their respective projects. This ensures our customers have the same results from project-to-project and coast-to-coast.

When you choose Diamatic Management Services you have the confidence in knowing we are a national company with over $100 million in annual revenue.

Why Choose Diamatic Management Services?

Diamatic Management Services (DMS) is a team of experts in the concrete polishing process, specification writing, and training backed by more than 235 years of combined concrete flooring experience.

The Diamatic ULTRAFLOR® systems and SILEX® systems are a group of specifications to meet dozens of unique applications in the concrete polishing and polished overlay markets. These processes are specifically designed to produce an extremely hardened, dust-proofed, reflective surface that imparts chemicals, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors. Diamatic Management Services can manage your ULTRAFLOR® systems and SILEX® systems installation or connect you with one of our installers to guarantee your success.



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Pre-Slab Meeting

Intially a site inspection or review of a specification will be held to assess the concrete, desired price points, life cycle and maintenance of the floor to be installed.  In most cases a mock up maybe preformed if necessary to determine possible outcomes and address any issues with the floor.

One Point of Contact

You will have one point of contact, one phone number 24 hours a day. Our project management service is designed to insure that your project is as important to us as it is to your company.   Our point of contact will personally make sure your project is not only done to your jobs spec but will be on-time and trouble free.

On-Site Supervision

On-site supervision is provided to insure the project stays on task and on budget. Our management team will enforce that operators are certified, have the proper equipment, our following the specification and meet all required safety protocol. 


Cast-In-Place Assistance

If needed we can provide cast-in-place specification and design assistance for your floor. We want to ensure your floors consistency from project to project regardless of geographic location and differences.

Technology & Testing

During the project technology will be utilized for testing and measurements to include surface profile and gloss. These measurements insure a consistent floor from project-to-project and from coast-to-coast. This consistency ensures that floors can be uniformity maintained and will meet their life expectancy.  

Factory Trained Professionals

With over 100 top level installers in North America, we can assist in selecting a contractor to meet your floor specifications. Our installers are highly vetted over an exhaustive range of criteria and then provided mandatory on-going training and assitance to insure only the highest quality end result.


ULTRAFLOR® and SILEX® National Specifications

The ULTRAFLOR® and SILEX® System is a comprehensive polished concrete system with a detailed written process specification for all aspects of a polished concrete installation supported by a full line of high-performance products and equipment backed by a complete system warranty. This first and one-of-a-kind polished concrete system incorporates proper substrate preparation, high-performance concrete toppings, concrete treatments, finishing treatments and all aspects of the mechanical process. The result is the ultimate polished concrete floor with outstanding environmental benefits that extends the life of a concrete floor well beyond other polishing processes. Diamatic Management Services can manage your ULTRAFLOR® or SILEX® Installation or connect you with one of our installers to guarantee your success. 



The ULTRAFLOR® and SILEX® System has the only complete true complete system warranty to the owner. Our system warranty is provided through our Elite and Platinum installation network and is available in 5, 10 and 20 year periods based on the type of project and the owners requirements. All warranty projects must be installed through DMS, Diamatic Management Services. 

Benefits of Ultraflor & Silex Polished Concrete Systems

  • Meets criteria for LEED Qualifying floors
  • Environmentally Safe and Green qualified
  • High reflectivity of polished concrete requires reduced lighting and less energy usage.
  • Concrete floors retain heat during cold weather and stay cooler in warmer weather reducing energy consumption.
  • The re-use of an existing concrete surface reduces materials and energy usage to replace or cover the surface.
  • Application requires no run-off into waste water or ground water.
  • Reduces chemical cleaning and chemical usage - neutral cleaner or water are usually sufficient.
  • Polished concrete floors last longer than floor coverings reducing energy and raw materials needed to replace or cover the surface.
  • Significantly reduces maintenance and repair work.

Contact Dave Wood, General Manager of Diamatic Management Services for more information or to schedule a meeting: 


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